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If for reasons of Coronavirus you cannot attend or the race is cancelled there are no cancellation fees, the total amount paid is refunded.

The Ruta de la Sal Regatta is a popular race (you don’t need experience) for amateur ship owners and crews, similar to popular races, held since 1989 during the Holy week and that has become a must-attend event to travel to Ibiza each year, this year it will be held from Tuesday 30 Mars or Wednesday 31 or Thursday 1 to Sunday, April 4 2021. It’s a recreational-festive-sportive event, ideal to enjoy a unique Singles Holy Week, i.e. participating in the race.
Holy Week 2021. Boarding in Valencia Tuesday 30 at night or Wednesday 31 in the morning, or boarding in Denia on Holy Wednesday in the afternoon or Thursday 1 in the morning 2021-03-31 12:00 Disembarkation: in Valencia on Sunday, April 4 in the afternoon, 2021-04-04 18:00
Regatta Ruta de la Sal Tour: Valencia, Denia, San Antonio de Portamany in Ibiza and return to Valencia

This year also, one of our ships will take exclusively female crew. If you prefer to participate in that one, Women-only crew, and of course you’re a woman (Crashing is not allowed), send us an email or call us. The rest of the crew will be mixed, as always.

In addition, for this edition, some of our ships will also participate in the Mini-Sal (see details below)

Price per place: 575   Reservation: 175 €

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Trips Singles Easter Regatta La Ruta de la Sal

The regatta has three routes, the North version, the West version and the East version. The North route starts in Port Ginesta (Barcelona), West route sails from the Andratx port in Palma and the East route starts in Denia (Alicante). The destination of both routes is Sant Antoni de Portmany in Ibiza. 200 ships (about 75 per route) and its crews gather annually to participate in this popular race.
Mini-sal is also a race starting in Denia, but with a shortened route, it is only for charter ships and only the use of the mainsail and the Genoa sail is allowed.
The fundamental advantage is that it is a shorter route so you can enjoy one more day in Ibiza.
The race is on Thursday 9 and the Awards Party will be held the night of the Holy Saturday. We have all Sunday to return from Ibiza to Valencia.

Participate with Singles and non-singles in this crowded race, don't miss it and don't miss your place. Come to enjoy a different Holy Week aboard a sailboat and meet fun singles and remember, you don’t need experience, another skilled crew will teach you everything you need to know.

You can board from Tuesday to Holy Thursday. The singles program that embarks to Valencia us as follows:

Tuesday, April 7th, afternoon. Boarding of the singles crew (those availale) at La Marina Real Juan Carlos I in Valencia.

Wednesday, early morning. Around 9, we set sail from Valencia heading for Dénia to arrive in the afternoon. Dinner in Denia. Those singles that because of work did not embark in Valencia, can embark in Denia from the 18h approximately in the Real Nautical Club of Dénia in the port of Dénia, Alicante

Thursday. Breakfast in the tent of the Dénia Royal Nautical Club and departure at 14:00 with destination to Sant Antoni de Portmany regatta in Ibiza. The stragglers have until 12 to board. For participants in the Mini-Sal the time of arrival will be around 12 pm on Thursday.

Friday, evening / night. Predictable arrival of the regatta to the San Antonio Nautical Club on the island of Ibiza. The crews of the Mini-Sal will enjoy Friday (day off) for activities by Ibiza. For example, in springtime, Ibiza is beautiful. We propose to travel the island by car. If the weather is good, we can rent an open car, ideal to enjoy the smells and sensations of the Ibizan spring. At night, we will visit the city of Ibiza and have dinner in some restaurant of the old town.

Saturday. Day off. At 21h, there will be an awards ceremony and then dinner and dancing until the body holds up in the organization’s tent.

Sunday. We set sail at dawn back to Valencia. Foreseeable arrival at around 18-20h or earlier.

Monday.  You can stay overnight on the boats and disembark on Monday morning. End of the trip and return home.

Semana Santa con Singles Regata Ruta de la Sal

When can you board?

Those who cannot board in Valencia will be able to board at the Dénia Yacht Club from Wednesday afternoon until Thursday morning before setting sail at 11 am.

It is necessary to be in possession of federative license obtained in the Federations of each Autonomous Community. You need at least the "Special for a single regatta" license. You can get it in the Sailing Federation of the Valencian Community, whichever Community you belong to, at a reduced price (20€ last year) http://www.fvcv.es/licencias . We can take care of it as well, if you prefer.

You can check here our regatta La Ruta de la Sal tour.

We remind you, as in all trips, singles and non-singles on boats that weather conditions can alter this scheduled plan.

The events planned by the Ruta de la Sal Regatta (East version) organization are for singles (at least, they were so last year; as soon as this year’s are published, we will announce it)

Wednesday, Dénia Royal Nautical Club

12h to 20h - Registrations and documentation, delivery of the captain's bag, t-shirts and gifts for the participants.

At 21h - Welcome Reception for all attendees at the Yacht Club with catering and various tastings.

Thursday, Dénia Royal Nautical Club

At 10:00 am - Patrons Meeting on the 2nd floor of the Club.

At 14h - Departure of the Regatta heading towards San Antonio in Ibiza leaving Formentera and Tagomago by port.

Starting Thursday, the Welcome Committee will remain open at the Sant Antoni de Portmany Yacht Club in Ibiza for 24 hours.

Friday at the Rio Ibiza

Welcome drink at Rio Ibiza

Saturday, Sant Antoni de Portmany

At 12 a.m. - Press conference with the winners of the races.

At 8pm - Official Trophy Handing Ceremony Event at La Sal Tent.

At 9 pm - Dinner - Buffet for all atendees the Es Nàutic of CN Sant Antoni restaurant. 

Plazas Singles Regata La Ruta de la Sal

The planned route for this trip is not contractual. The itineraries and routes envisaged in this journey are indicative and are usually feasible at the time of the year in which they are scheduled. Adverse weather conditions and / or safety reasons of the crew or ship, and / or uncomfortable conditions of wind and wave navigation can vary this route, without thereby generating the right to claim. The employer is the only authority on board and his decisions on security issues are final. Fortunately, there are many alternative routes for this journey that are attractive enough.

We remind you, as in all sailboat sailing, that the weather conditions may alter the planned plan so that the trip can start after the indicated and end before or after and / or in another port, so you must evaluate the convenience of hiring travel assistance insurance  to cover possible expenses in case of bad weather, for example. We also remind you of the convenience of not hiring plane, train or ferry tickets very close in time at the expected time of landing due to possible delays.

We also remind you that sailing holidays are a participatory activity in which crew members must take care of the tasks on board. In turns, we will cook, we will scrub the kitchen utensils, we will maintain the cleanliness and we will even make guards during the night navigation and we will help the patron in the maneuvers with the candles, the anchorage, etc.

In the following links you will be able to find answers to your questions regarding what a sailing boat trip is like, the expenses you will incur apart from the price of the trip, the luggage you will have to bring on board, our cancellation terms, etc.

 What is a trip with singles on sailing boats?
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 How do I pack my suitcase?
 Our cancellation policy for Sail for Singles!!
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